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Senior Living
Assisted Living When the Time is Right
Assisted living facilities (ALFs) offer you or your loved one the ability to be independent and live a high quality of life while getting necessary care. Read More
Assisted Living Simplified
The transition from an independent lifestyle to Assisted Living does not always come naturally. It's a choice that can only be made with the proper support, advice, and information. Read More
Current Issues for Seniors
Understanding Aging
Aging is a normal process that begins at birth. Some components of aging result from aging itself; others result from diseases, lifestyles, and exposures. Read More

Four Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process at a Retirement Community
Senior living environment quality of life can slow down the aging process. Read More

Time to Talk to Your Parents About the Future

What happens when we suddenly become the caregivers... when it's suddenly our turn? America's growing generation of Baby Boomers now faces a challenge they were never prepared for: Taking care of ailing or aging loved ones. In this new documentary series produced by KCET, host Holly Robinson Peete takes viewers on journeys into this often heart-wrenching passage of life exploring the overwhelming challenges faced by caregivers of every ilk. Four half-hour episodes focus on different families who find themselves at an important stage along the caregiving path, offering viewers solutions and hope through inspiring stories and a multitude of resources. Robinson Peete, an acclaimed actress and award-winning author, also shares her own experiences of caring for her father who had Parkinson's disease.

Time to Do Everything as a Caregiver

"Time to 'Do' Everything as a Caregiver" illustrates the constant burden placed on the caregiver and how it can be overwhelming for the entire family. Three caregivers and their families are profiled: a male caregiver taking care of his wife who has a frontal lobe disease, a daughter who has put her life on hold to take care of her 95-year-old father, and a daughter who has moved her parents in with her and struggles to juggle her own busy life with the demands of being her parents' caregiver.

Is It Time To Ask For Help?

"Time to 'Ask' for Help" follows three families who discover they can't do it all and need to reach out for help from institutions and elder care professionals and attorneys. This is a decision that is highly emotional and can be extremely costly if you don't have long term care insurance or qualify for government assistance. The world of assisted living facilities and financial benefits is complex and difficult to navigate especially when a crisis occurs.

Moving On: Preparing and Healing

"Moving On: Preparing and Healing" explores how the choice of palliative care and the implementation of an advanced health care directive can ease the final journey for both patient and caregiver. Steve Lopez, renowned writer for the Los Angeles Times reveals his own personal story of caring for his aging father and what he has learned through the process. While the episode explores the inevitable, it also shares the stories of three remarkable "Super Seniors" who are re-defining what it means to grow old. Today, we are both taking control over how we die and discovering ways to prevent it for as long as possible.

Alzheimer's and Dementia
Alzheimer's Guidelines
The American Academy of Neurology developed guidelines that summarize the best research on recognizing, diagnosing, and providing treatment options for people with Alzheimer's disease and their families. Read More
Alzheimer's and Genetics
The Alzheimer's Association provides a fact sheet about the disease and genetics. Read More
Stages of Alzheimer's Disease
The Alzheimer's Association provides a fact sheet about the disease and genetics. Read More
Unraveling the Mystery
Thinking about Alzheimer's disease leads to many questions. The National Institute on Aging unravels the mystery. Read More
Watch videos and read more about Alzheimer's and how you can deal with it. Click Here

End Alzheimer's

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